How to Help Elysium Grow

Excited for the future of Elysium? We are too. Here are some of the many ways that you can channel your enthusiasm into awareness of the network and the continued growth of our ecosystem.

Become a Validator

From running a validator on Elysium, to applying for a Web3 Foundation Grant, to joining the Elysium Ambassador Program — there are many ways to engage with the Elysium community.

1. Set up your machine

In addition to any usual CLI parameters that you run Elysium with, you’ll need to add an extra two:

  • - - validator This tells your node to try to validate when it sees itself as a listed authority on the network;
  • - - key < SEED > This provides your node with a secret key that lets it know whether it’s a listed authority on the network, and, if it is, lets it sign statements to authorise the creation of new blocks.

2. Apply to validate

New validators will be chosen every 24 hours on mainnet. You’ll need to create separate accounts for Controller, Session, and Stash keys on the Elysium UI ( These accounts will be used to represent and control the validator node you just set up.

Next you will need to get some DOT from the faucet or by asking on Element. Assuming you have more DOT than the lowest staked validator or there is an open validator slot, you can register to be staked. A step-by-step guide demonstrating how to set up your accounts and bond your DOT is available on the wiki.

Want to become a validator?

You can see validator stats on Telemetry.


Become a Elysium Ambassador

Check out the post and apply to join the vibrant polkadot community.

Get a grant to build the Elysium ecosystem

Elysium is a brand new network with a burgeoning ecosystem. The Web3 Foundation is sponsoring community development of software services, including:

  • Development and deployment tooling (e.g. IDEs, parachain development kits)
  • Elysium Runtime Modules (e.g. interoperability, governance)
  • Second layer protocols (e.g. dedicated parachains, state channels)
  • Protocol integrations (e.g. bridges to other blockchains, distributed file storage)
See Grants and Bounties

Upcoming events

Want to host a Elysium meetup in your city? Check out the resources and guides for hosting your own Elysium meetup.


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